John Lovelace, 4th Baron Lovelace

John Lovelace, 4th Baron Lovelace (1672 – 1709) was the Governor of both New York and New Jersey.He the son of William Lovelace of Hurst, Berkshire, and was not related to Francis Lovelace, the second Governor of New York. Despite being born into an aristocratic family, the previous baron had weakened the family’s fortunes through gambling, leaving John heavily in debt. He therefore served in the military following the inheritance of his peerage. In 1702, Lovelace married Charlotte, the daughter of Sir John Clayton, but her poor dowry little improved his financial situation. The couple had four children: Hon. Martha (d. 1788), Hon. John (d. 1709), Hon. Neville (d. 1736) and Charles (-).In 1708, Lovelace was appointed to governorship of both New York and New Jersey to replace Lord Cornbury. Lovelace proceeded to convict several of Cornbury’s supporters, members of the corrupt Cornbury Ring, including former Governor Jeremiah Basse. Lovelace was granted 1600 by a revenue bill on 5 May 1709. However, he died the next day, 6 May 1709. His funeral was held in Trinity Church, New York and he was buried in the adjacent cemetery.

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